Monday, September 12, 2005

An Idea or Two

I've had several people pm and email me asking about ideas and/or suggestions for some things to do and how to get the ball rolling. Well, my Elf and I exchanged long (fyi: the longer the list the better!) lists of things that we would like, but have not gotten for ourselves so that we will have a nice selection from which to chose, yet still surprise one another. Some ideas that I've batted about with some friends are making a kit of some sort, especially if you have a newbie that perhaps wants to learn to knit socks. Then grab some sock yarn, print some directions from various areas online or buy a book & stick in some needles. This could be done with anything I would think, whether it be a scarf & hat with yarn & needles or any small object to knit that won't break our $ limit...remember there are sales to be found on yarn @ Elann & KnitPicks & lots of places if you investigate. Another idea was a knitting notebook, whether you would like to make one, or buy one, there are several out on the market. As you can tell, we have been chatting about things that we can do because we are not knitting our gifts. Goodness, if you are knitting...that takes on a whole new life, there are so many wonderful things that one could knit between now & the holidays!! Investigate and pick your Elfin partners brain and have fun...I sure am :)


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