Friday, November 25, 2005

About to ship....

Oh dear, I am quite excited because I have just completed putting Victoria's 'Elfin' package together and it's ready to be shipped Monday :) I do so hope that she likes it, I've certainly had a GREAT time getting it together, so to speak...can't say much so that the SURPRISES aren't revealed!! Of course, the best gift of all IMHO has been getting to know Victoria, she is a WONDERFUL lady that is the wearer of many hats...I don't know how she keeps up with all that she does. She has a wonderful family, she's so very talented in many ways. As you can tell...we have a budding friendship as a result of this gift exchange :0)!
And I want to say THANKS SO VERY, VERY MUCH to our wonderful leader and organizer, Barbara. Thanks to her selflessness and her big heart we have this gift exchange. She has gone to aLOT of work for us....thanks from the bottom of my heart, my friend. I give u...a virtual BIG HUG!


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