Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Knitting for a knitter is... weird

I don't know about the other KR members involved in the gift exchange but this is the first time I am knitting for another knitter. So even though I know my elf will like the gift no matter what, I am always doubting myself: did I weave in the ends nicely enough? are there holes where I picked up stitches?

I'm about halfway through my knitted gift and I also received some of the knitting-related goodies that I will exchange. But where did the package come from? Elann? Knitpicks? Littleknits? Purl? Loop? jimmybeans? Ah, the suspense!!



Blogger SerMom said...

Sounds intrigueing. I can't wait until we can all see what each got. That will be almost as much fun as getting our own gifts!

29/9/05 10:31 AM  
Blogger GAndyS said...

Remember not to worry so much about the details, even if your elf knows you made mistakes, that is just part of the endearing quality of sharing between knitters. I'm so grateful that my elf knows I'm a little "uneven" and is being understanding. I think that is a big relief and I expect we would all be understanding, after all this is not supposed to look like it came from a factory!!

29/9/05 6:28 PM  

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