Sunday, September 18, 2005

Thank god for lifelines!

I lay down for a nap yesterday afternoon, after having been up all night Friday/Saturday (ain't insomnia fun?). At some point, SnL snuggled in with me, which was very nice, except . . .

I knit in bed. )Actually, if truth be known, I do most things in bed, and if I ever manage to get a laptop, I won't need to visit the main floor except to eat and use the bathroom.)

Anyway, when we got up, I discovered that the masterpiece I was designing was half off the needles! SnL isn't as good as I am at getting things out of her way. Serendipitously (don't you just love that word?), I had put in my first lifeline on the previous row, and Big Wind had made an error in the chart he was working out for me, so that part would have needed to be re-knit anyway. I still can't believe my resident mathemetician didn't realize you needed to start with 2 sts. to do a k2tog. He counted the squares instead of the start sts.

So, not only did I not lose any of my work, but I would have had to tink back that row anyway! Whew!!!


Blogger GAndyS said...

You have insomnia, TOO?!! I'll meet you online some night! *rolls eyes*, don't you just love it, menopause is not my favorite adventure, let me tell you! Really glad you had protected your work with lifelines and all worked out for the best.

18/9/05 7:30 PM  
Blogger GAndyS said...

Finally to bed at 4 am last night, and we have 2 roosters that compete at about, say 5:30am! Sleep between then and 10:16am when I finally got out of half-sleep by my dog licking my face and rolling on me! He's a shetland sheepdog and has a ramp built to get on the bed. I know, I spoil him!

19/9/05 11:53 AM  

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