Friday, September 23, 2005

Still an odd number

One person still left over, but I have 3 more pairs, and here they are:
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trina crazymom3 dragonmom

That will be it for a while, til someone else joins up.

I hope everyone has managed to get in touch with their own, personal elf, and that eveyone is enjoying all the mystery and suspense. I know I am! I'm busy beavering away at an original design for my elf, which I hope she likes. If I can manage it, I'll include the pattern. Just don't try to pass if off as your own, Andy [;-)]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I doubt you had time to see my post on KR, but I would like to join if you have room.

Knittingjen (KR board Name)

1. prefer to give/recieve knit related stuff
2. willing to ship overseas
3. USA


27/9/05 9:02 AM  

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