Sunday, September 18, 2005

Spinning Guild Day

Today I had the guild meeting and took my wheel tentatively thinking I might, just might be able to use it for my lovely project. Up until today when I tried it, it pulled to hard and fell apart so I had to use the spindle only. But today I actually managed to adjust my tension loose enough, but not TOO loose so I could do it on the wheel. It is a bit unkrimpy fiber, very long Romney wool, smooth, and shiny; :) but it was being hard to spin for me. Well, glad to say I spun there for 3 hours and never even once did the yarn break!! Yes! I'm getting in the groove! Whew! Spun about a half a bobbin only because I'm changing colors every foot or so and combing it out at the same time slows the progress a little, but hey, this is wonderful, I can actually do it on the wheel, I entered the 15th Century today!! :)


Blogger SerMom said...

Today the 15th century, tomorrow . . .the 16th. Pretty soon, you'll be right up to date, and able to go out and buy the stuff pre-made. Hmmm, not quite the plan, is it?

18/9/05 9:36 PM  
Blogger whatever said...

sermom...u r too funny, although...that is the only way I get yarn...that would be by way of the internet, LYS and surprises from my sweet husband. I applaud you all who spin...take it from beginning to end...YAY for you. But, alas, at this point, the beginning for me is opening the package that my yarn came in...LOL! sounds spectacular...WTG!

19/9/05 9:37 AM  
Blogger SerMom said...

Becka, when I talk about getting the stuff pre-made, I mean all of it, from yarn to finished product. Isn't that what being modern is all about - not having to do anything for yourself?

I've seen a new ad on tv recently. This woman says "Oh, I have to get the hamburger out of the freezer for dinner", as though it were the most onerous task imabinable. The ad is for something like hamburger helper, but comes complete with the meat!

I can see, on a really busy day, that you might want something that fast, but that wasn't the impression given, just that defrosting hamburger was 'way too much work. Sad.

19/9/05 12:23 PM  

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