Friday, December 02, 2005

Gifts of the Heart from Sermom/Barbara

You know, this heartfelt, loving blog and gift-exchange opportunity is all due to Barbara's gentle and caring nature. The previous entry received a snarky troll post aimed at her. However, I think Barbara is a queen. I am considering that the phrase "drama queen" should be capitalized to co-opt the snarkiness and "steal the language", in Alicia Ostriker's words. Some people live with large enough hearts to be unpretentiously feeling and expressive about life. Some people resent that openness and want to dis them. In that sense, I am standing proudly as a Drama Queen! Which reminds me of a lovely movie where a whole town learns to understand a group of Queens--"To Wong Foo, thanks for everything, Julie Newmar". (Yes, I know the differences between a Queen, drag queen, and a drama queen...but still). See it folks! It's a keeper, very upbeat and courageous-encouraging! All the townfolk declare themselves to be queens too at the end! You'd have to see it "in context". It is great.

So here's from one Drama Queen to many others...
We are pleased to meet you! Life is a wild ride and we are facing it together!


Blogger whatever said...

Nice Post Andy!!! YAY FOR YOU!! Trolls is such a wonderful name for the coward that made the horrible & mean post directed toward Barbara of whom does have a huge heart..this "Gifts of the Heart" blog is evidence of her heart, this gift exchange is...Barbara is a sweet, loving person...Love ya, Barbara ;)! This person that made such a comment and those like her/him need to life...what goes around, comes around...and WATCH OUT, bc their turn is coming!! My rant is over...I wish everyone a very, very happy & wonderful holiday season :0)

3/12/05 11:00 AM  

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