Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Lady(ies) Vanishes

I posted on the KR thread, and I'm posting here, as well, hoping to get as much feedback as possible.

Ok, I have a problem I need feedback on. What do we do when someone vanishes? I've had PM's from a couple of ppl who can't reach their partners. One is in Louiisanna, and may have been evacuated w/o comp. access, the other simply is not returning messages.

Can someone suggest a fair policy we can implement?


Blogger GAndyS said...

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29/9/05 6:24 PM  
Anonymous Sharon said...

There is no way to know if you will get a gift. No guarantees. Last year I had communication up to and through Christmas with my partner. Loads of promises, then, mailing it next Monday. Then, after January 1st nothing. No, she has never been back on to post at KR. So, what can you do when someone is not responding? Maybe an e-mail telling them they have X # of days to respond or be removed from Gift Elf? Ask each of the people that have pm'd you how they would like to handle it. Personally I'd want a new partner so I'd have at least a 50/50 chance of a gift

1/10/05 8:54 PM  

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